Spirit Life Pastors

Senior Pastors

On October 1, 2019 Pastors Ricky and Chelsee Edwards were installed as Senior Pastors of Spirit Life Church they succeed Apostles Timothy and Barbara Odom who on the same night were “Sent” by the Holy Spirit to the Mission Field. Pastors Ricky and Chelsee are both anointed ministers of the Word, with a heritage built on the scriptures. Pastors Ricky and Chelsee welcome you to Spirit Life and look forward to meeting you during your visit.

Associate Pastor

Pastor Clinton McClurkin is the associate Pastor of Spirit Life Church. Pastor Clinton attended Ames International School of Ministry. He and his wife Heather have served at Spirit Life in various roles over the years.

Youth Pastors

Pastors Richard and Britany Mclaughlin serve as Spirit Life’s Youth Pastors and on the Pastoral Staff. Both are graduates of Life Pacific College, and also serve the community as educators.