Spirit Life Men!

Men of God! Stepping Up!

Spirit Life Men

Men Of God!

Step up: In your relationship with God!

Read, Pray, Believe!

Step Up: In your Family!

Love, Lead, Disciple, Teach, Demonstrate, Protect, Correct!

Step Up: In your Marriage!

Love, Cover, Protect, Give, Help, Lead, Serve!

Step Up! In the Church!

Serve, Help, Give, SHOW UP!!

As Men we are the Heads of our Homes and it is time we act like it! We do that by answering the call GOD put on us when we became Husbands, and Fathers.

Not married that's cool too, come learn how to be a Man of God! So when God does send you on what will be the greatest ministry in your life you will be ready to...