Kids Ministries

Children's Ministry

Your First Visit

You've got them dressed they are in the car and you have arrived. What now, Just ask one of our First Impressions volunteers for directions to Baby, Little or KIDS Life services, they'll show you the way! We know that parents can be nervous on their first visit honestly so can the kids but you've got this. For your comfort the Baby and little life rooms have large observation windows and Private restrooms. The Kids room has port windows in the door, so its ok if you want to sneak by and check on them... I did the first time too! Please understand that all Kids ministry workers are required by Foursquare to undergo a background check because we believe that the safety of your children is a Priority.


This is easy Sign them in. We do ask please that you would Write all information requested clearly if a paper sheet is being used and leave a good contact number just incase we need to contact you during service, also let the teacher know any allergies or things you don't want the kids eating. After service come on back and check them out. If it looks like a lesson is still going give us a moment we will wrap it up when we see faces at the door.


I cant say this enough we take the safety of your kids real serious! Here are some things to expect.

1) Background Check before some one can serve KIDS!

2) No adults in the restrooms with Kids during service. This is for everyone our teams clear restrooms before littles can enter and they also stand outside. If you are asked to please wait a moment before entry this is why.

3) Area checks. We keep an eye on the Perimeter and hallways to assure no one is somewhere they shouldn't be.

4) We strive to always have teams working with your kids so no child is ever alone with another person.

Age Groups

Baby Life 0-2 yrs. We love babies! So we have a dedicated team that care and minister the love of Jesus to your precious babies during regular church times.

Little Life 2 yrs. to Kindergarten. In the Little Life class you will find lots of love and the joy of the lord. Our teachers are energetic, loving, and ready to sing, play, and teach the word of God to your littles.

Kids Life!!!! Because Church should be awesome at every age!

Your child will learn BIBLE TRUTHS in Kids Life, Spirit Life's high energy Children's Ministry! Awesome Worship, Exciting Lessons, and ask about the Soul Bowl, an object lesson with Flavor!

*Spirit Life Church conducts background checks on ALL personnel that work in any children's ministries.